7 Beasts Martial Arts

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What is Shou' Shu'

Shou' Shu' is an ancient Chinese martial art that utilizes the movements of seven different animals to develop exceptional fighting skills.

Unlike other systems, Shou' Shu' is not a sport martial art. The art encompasses a complete self defense system utilizing joint locks, nerve shots, practical kicks, devastating hand strikes and much more, based upon real life situations one would encounter on the streets against one or multiple attackers.

Shou' Shu' in the US

Da' Shifu Albert F. Moore, Sr. developed the unique teaching style we use today. Albert Moore, Sr. was awarded the title of Da Shifu (Grand Master) after mastering Shou' Shu' in China. The Chinese Masters each teach only one animal and students must master that skill before they learn the next animal. Only after all the animal forms were mastered did the student learn to combine the movements. Da' Shifu Moore, Sr. studied the teaching forms of other martial arts when he returned to the U.S. and developed a teaching method of combined animal styles and belt ranks. This unique method greatly enhances the skills of the martial artist at any level.

Titles recognized in Shou' Shu':

Sijo; founder of the system, (Da Shifu Al Moore Sr.)
Da Shifu; Grand Master, (Da Shifu Clark)
Shihan; Black Belt 5th degree and higher
Shun Shifu; Black Belt head of a Studio
Shifu; Black Belt

Da Shifu Clark
Da Shifu Clark